‘Alto’s Adventure’ Gets a Zen Mode For Players Who Use it to Cope

Alto’s Adventure is already one of the most relaxing endless games on my phone. Just look at it — those tranquil environments and glorious sunrises can’t help but be soothing. And sure enough, Alto’s developers at Snowman have heard similar things from many of their players. One player by the name of James recently wrote to them to say thanks for the experience:

I play games as a way to calm me down when I’m feeling anxious or down. But it’s been difficult to find games at the moment that don’t feel aggressive and violent (not that I’m against dealing out justice as Batman or taking down bad guys as Nathan Drake, they are good fun!)

Your Game offers something different. Alto’s Adventure doesn’t make me more stressed than I already am. Skiing down a mountain is calming (especially helped by the music, props to your music maker!). It makes me feel as if I’m professing and being productive without the frustrations of getting to that next level in narrative game [sic] or other mobile games.

Alto’s Adventure has become something I use as a coping mechanism when I need it, so thank you again for developing it. And well done, it’s a bloody work of art.


Most developers would enjoy a well-deserved glow of satisfaction upon receiving an email like that, but Snowman took it a step further. The team took the game’s more relaxing strengths and created a mode without any of the other distractions: no coins to collect, no llamas to catch, no powerups to find, and no scores to earn. Then they added a photo mode to complete the aesthetic odyssey. As the developers describe it, it’s just you and the endless mountain.

Best of all, Snowman commissioned a new soundtrack from composer Torin Borrowdale, who took inspiration from the original score and knocked it out of the park with a calmer, more meditative replacement.

If you’re looking for a super-relaxing experience to chill with, Alto Adventure’s zen mode is worth a look. Me? I prefer an engaging distraction, which the full game is more than happy to provide.

Alto’s Adventure is available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.
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