How to Bring Tabletop Roleplaying to Your Social Circle

Image credit: Scott Akerman

If you want to dive into tabletop roleplaying, it helps to have friends who’ll dive in with you. It’s not impossible to go without — joining a local gaming group or finding a party online can be a great way to get yourself out there and get started — but it’s all the more satisfying when you can team up with folks you already enjoy spending time with.

Making that happen can be easier said than done, though. It takes commitment to go from a few tentatively interested people to a group of friends sitting around the table, dice in hand. Geek & Sundry is here to help, though, with a fantastic set of tips for making it happen.

Sometimes we don’t see our friends for a while. Sometimes we need a reason to get together and hang out and we need something to do. Roleplaying fills the role of social duct tape. It’s a reason to see your friends on a regular basis. You get to defeat foes, eat snacks, and just generally have fun without the distraction of a movie or show hogging the spotlight. For a pastime that’s considered nerdy, it’s an incredibly social event.

Pitch your friends on the idea that RPGs are a creative outlet and a memorable way to pass the evening. They can be something to look forward to all week long, plotting out just what your character is going to do and how they’re going to do it. Those of us with a love of theater, writing, novels, or other story-driven intellectual pursuits often find a regular chance to indulge in creativity in this way as great practice and a way to share those talents with others in a more sociable way.


There are several more tips in the full article, but let me offer one of my own. Once you’ve followed Geek & Sundry’s steps, sit down with your friends and talk your plans through. Most games end within a few sessions, but if you’re all clear about what you’re looking for and all willing to compromise to make sure everyone — including the game master — has fun, tabletop roleplaying is a hobby that can last years, and make your life the richer for it.

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