The Sad Ghost Club is There For Everyone Who Feels Alone Sometimes

Image credit: The Sad Ghost Club

Image credit: The Sad Ghost Club

Part of our mission is to remind people with mental health issues that they’re not alone, and that’s a mission that The Sad Ghost Club shares. It’s a charming project created by Laura Cox and Lize Meddings, two artists who set out to create comics, apparel and other fun things to spread positive awareness of mental health. Their ghostie comics are sweet and relatable, and they also offer other feel-good services like workshops for cheerful, meaningful art and crafts.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, Laura and Lize shared their own stories. “Growing up I found it really hard saying “no” to the people I called my friends, I felt I had to do everything they asked for fear of being a ‘bad friend’,” said Lize. “I was so focused on working hard and working all the time that I had to say no to a lot of events and I always felt guilty about it. I thought the entire fault was with me. This just meant that I was missing a lot of events, feeling guilty about it, and then avoiding the friends I thought I’d let down. This turned into a vicious cycle which resulting in me constantly feeling as though I had something to prove to friends that I had let down.” But she was able to go on to learn to be frank with people, putting her own health and needs ahead of her desire to always be agreeable.

Laura shared the importance of honest, reciprocal friendships. “Although I’ve always suffered from it, it took eleven or so years for me to be diagnosed with Chronic Social Anxiety and I only started going to therapy when I was 24. Due to this, my Illness manifested into other forms, such as Dermatillomania, food phobias and physical illnesses that still affect me to this day. I had quite a lonely childhood and teenage years due to the people and relationships I was surrounded by. I feel it’s incredibly important to have supportive and encouraging people around you for a more healthy mental state.”

You can visit The Sad Ghost Club on Tumblr to see more comics and sneak peeks of upcoming projects, and you can find more information about workshops and other projects on the Sad Ghost Club website.

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