If You’re Coping With Anxiety, This Illustration Series May Seem Familiar

A photo posted by Pranita Kocharekar (@pranitart) on

Is That You? is an Instagram series about anxiety by illustrator Pranita Kocharekar, one that might hit close to home if you’ve lived with anxiety.

A photo posted by Pranita Kocharekar (@pranitart) on

The 16-illustration series isn’t about symptoms, it’s about the common experiences we may share. If you’ve made close, personal friends with Dr. Internet over the years, this might be a familiar sensation:

Then there’s the queasiness that comes with wondering just how to react to this situation:

And while most people have probably lived this cycle at one point or another, those of us with anxiety can be exceptionally good at living it all the time.

So check out the full Is This You? series on Instagram, but remember — Dr. Internet isn’t particularly skilled at diagnosing anxiety disorders through entertaining illustrations, so if you start to think this is, in fact, you, consider talking to a professional.

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