Look at All These Hands Holding on to Hope

When we debuted the Box of Hope at PAX East, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which our supporters and community embraced them — and so were our dear friends at Wyrmwood, who crafted the Hope Shields within and had some of the boxes available at their merchandise booth.

They thoughtfully snapped photos of many new Hope Shield owners, offering up a gallery that we can now share with you. The support of those of you who’ve bought a Box of Hope means the world to us, but it’s also wonderful to see so many of you holding your Hope Shields close.

If you’d like a Hope Shield to carry with you or to share with someone you care about, find us at one of our upcoming events. You can also find the Box of Hope online at Wyrmwood when supplies are available. Proceeds from the Box of Hope go to supporting the Take This mission.

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