This Webcomic Is Exploring The Choice to Start Antidepressants, and It’s Great

Strange But Beautiful is an autobiographical webcomic by Stacy LeFevre, an artist who is open about her mental health issues. Like many creators, she chose to represent her anxiety and then her depression as creatures — companions that both keep her company and interfere with her life.

It’s been a good read from the start, but lately, LeFevre has been using Strange But Beautiful to explore her decision to try antidepressants. She’s giving us a look at an experience that is rarely portrayed, and she’s doing a beautiful job of expressing the ambivalence a lot of people feel about trying psychotropic medication, the worries we have about the process, the side effects and the slow climb back up out of deep depression.

If you’re curious about antidepressants, we have more information available from one of our psychiatry contributors. You should talk to your doctor if you’re considering whether or not antidepressants are right for you.

[Strange But Beautiful]
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