Trichotillomania Tips From Someone Who Knows

If you’re new to trichotillomania, you’re probably not in a very happy place right now. Along with the immediate consequences of pulling your hair, you may also have to deal with self-esteem problems, uncomfortable questions, and the challenge of finding good ways to avoid pulling.

If you haven’t already spoken with a professional, you definitely should — there are lots of treatment options to explore, and Doctor Internet is never a good first line of support. But once you have that process underway, or while you wait for an appointment, you might want to check out TrichJournal on YouTube. Beckie Jane Brown has been coping with trichotillomania for years, and she regularly dishes out great advice.

In this video, she shares some of her biggest tips for trichotillomania sufferers: things like keeping your hands busy with particular fidget toys, getting out in front of those awkward conversations with your employer or professors, and keeping your spirits up. The rest of her channel is dedicated to both her own journey and deeper explorations of coping mechanisms, styling solutions and other helpful bits of personal advice.

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