Beautiful New Miniseries Shares True Stories of League of Legends Players

Last week saw the world premiere of Live/Play, a new miniseries from Riot Games focused on telling the incredible true stories of League of Legends players from around the world. Fair warning: you may want to keep a box of tissues handy while watching this first episode, because it’s intensely emotional.

It begins with the story of Dan Wyatt, better known as FoxDrop in the League of Legends community. His YouTube channel is a work of passion, as he teaches people to be better LoL players.

You wouldn’t know it from his videos most of the time, but underneath that passion, FoxDrop struggles with his mental health. In the documentary, he describes months spent struggling to spend time out of bed, and the anxieties that keep him from things he might otherwise enjoy.

The Live/Play team joined FoxDrop on his journey to attend the London quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championship, a challenging prospect for a man coping with anxiety. He wanted to be there to meet his fans and followers and be part of his community, but as the documentary shows, it wasn’t an easy experience. Still, he pushed through his fears to make it happen.

“But the funny thing is, when I’m actually thrown into those situations that I worry so much about, I can handle myself just fine. And I know I can.”

Episode one also features Korean PC bangs — LAN gaming centers — and the story of a young man in Brazil planning to meet a friend he only knew online and through the game, and the unexpected turns those plans took.

It’s a surprisingly moving episode, and it’s just the first. Riot plans to release more stories every two weeks, with more emotional highs and lows to come. If you’re interested in how this series came to be, the premiere included a live Q&A with director David Roth.

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