Having a Bad Day? Let These Frenchies Cheer You Up

I’m more of a corgi person, so forgive me, frenchie fans, but I have no idea what these dogs are doing. Is this a thing? Is the frenchie butt boop a common occurrence?

Here we go #boopboop [ 🎥 #pressplay ] #weirdopet

A video posted by WTF : Weston Teaches Fira (@wtfrenchie) on

I had a rough day yesterday, and then I saw these two. They didn’t fix it, exactly, but they sure did distract me for a while.

They do other cute things, too:

Sand saaaand WHAT IS THIS STUFF. 🎥

A video posted by WTF : Weston Teaches Fira (@wtfrenchie) on

But this anklebiting is just the best. Little Fira just doesn’t give up under any circumstances–she should be an inspiration to us all. And Weston–who could ask for a better friend than one who encourages all your weirdness?

They’re just too cute. Hopefully they can bring the same cheer to your day as they did to mine.

#tbt when Fira was the size of a pair of glasses. 🕶

A photo posted by WTF : Weston Teaches Fira (@wtfrenchie) on

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