VICE Talks to Zoë Quinn About Depression, Moving On and Her Strange New Game

After two years of being Gamergate’s public enemy #1, Zoë Quinn is moving on. She’s recently announced two new gaming projects — an adult romance sim based on the works of pseudonymous author Chuck Tingle and FailState, which she has described as “an FMV love letter to passionate failure and all things camp.”

VICE Gaming accompanied Quinn to one of her shoots for the unnamed Tingle project, where things got a little racy. But she also took the time to talk to them about the impact of Gamergate on her life, as well as the depression that originally led her to create Depression Quest.

I call it garbage brain, or trash brain – like all of the things that depression tells you about yourself like oh you’re worthless.

The resulting mini-documentary offers a good reminder that life goes on. Quinn has a lot stacked against her — ongoing harassment and scrutiny, depression, and being blackballed by some segments of the industry — but she’s still finding ways to do the things she loves. Strange, spectacular, not-entirely-safe-for-work ways.

Content warning: video is NSFW, with sexually suggestive content, strong language, and discussion of violent threats.

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