How Bullet Journals Can Be Great for Mental Health, ADHD and More

Looking for a way to keep on top of things while you head back to school or manage everyday life? In this video, How To ADHD’s Jessica McCabe breaks down the benefits of bullet journaling for ADHDers — and ADHDers aren’t alone in getting a lot of out the habit. Whether you’re aiming for fewer zero days, tracking your moods, or building better habits, a bullet journal might be a helpful approach.

It’s an analog journaling system developed by designer Ryder Carroll, created to make it quick and easy to capture information in a format you can carry, adapt and expand to meet your needs. All you need to get started is a notebook and some kind of writing tool. And while Pinterest users have taken the idea and run with it, you don’t need much time, artistic talent or money to keep the habit going.

If it sounds like a system you might like to explore, you can check out the official Bullet Journal site. McCabe also delves deeper into the process of bullet journaling on her channel.

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