In Live/Play Episode 3, Games Impact Our Identities and Give Us Space to Explore

Riot Games is back with the third episode of Live/Play, it’s beautifully-filmed miniseries that tells the stories of League of Legends players. Episode three includes the story of an introverted balloon artist from Taiwan who found personal satisfaction and success with his League-themed balloon creations, and the story of a group of friends who went the extra mile for one of their own.

It also tells a series of smaller stories centered on Rodger, a student currently working on his thesis on disrupted identities — “when an ordered and predictable life gets thrown into chaos through, quite frankly, anything,” as he explains. Rodger talks to other players to learn about their identities, and how playing League impacts those identities, or how they impact the League experience.

That’s something a lot of us explore while playing online games, even if we don’t realize it. Rodger’s story gets to the heart of how for some of us, online gaming lets us be slightly different versions of ourselves — idealized in some way. For others, it lets us be ourselves in ways we don’t feel safe about in every day life.

In looking at how other people’s identities interact with their gameplay, Rodger also examines his own, giving us another poignant story to enjoy in the process.

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