Like to Fidget? This Ridiculously Popular Kickstarter Might Be For You

Lots of people with mental health issues or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) like to have something to do with their hands. Folks with ADHD often use fidget toys to focus. Stimming can be calming for people with ASD. Fidgeting can be a way to express anxiety for people with anxiety disorders. Some people are able to ease trichotillomania and dermatillomania by turning to a fidget toy to avoid the urge to pick or pull.

And of course, tons of people find it helpful to fidget while they work — mental health issues or not.

That might explain how a clever (but unproven) fidget toy has pulled in over $3.5 million on Kickstarter with over a month left to go.

The Fidget Cube may not fulfill every fidgeting or stimming need, but it sounds like it’s doing its best. It uses all six of its sides to provide as many different sensory experiences as it can. You can click, switch, glide, spin and roll its many parts. Its sixth side has a smooth indentation like a worry stone. It’s pocket-sized. It’s quiet, but some of its sides still provide satisfying clicks.

At least, that’s what its creators, Mark and Matthew McLachlan, promise. As with any Kickstarter project, the reality may be different.

The McLachlan brothers spoke to Polygon about the unexpected success of their project.

“With regards to the excitement, as you can probably imagine, with each day that passes we’re continuing to be completely overwhelmed with the response we’re receiving,” Mark McLachlan of Antsy Labs told Polygon. “As for the scary part, we’re no longer dealing with a small-scale production that’ll be shipped out to one or two thousand backers. We feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to our rapidly growing community of supporters.”

The Fidget Cube’s success is bigger than they had ever fantasized, however.

“We did expect, and hoped, one [of our projects] was going to blow up, and that when that day came, we’d be blown away with the $150,000 we raised,” McLachlan said. “What we’re experiencing now doesn’t even remotely come close to being an accurate representation of what we had dreamed of.”

If the Fidget Cube isn’t for you, there are many other companies who create stimming and fidgeting toys, like StimTastic, Tangle Creations, and CritSuccess.

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