Watch Doctor B’s IGDA Talk on Mental Health in Game Industry Jobs Here

Our clinical director, Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo (you may know him as Doctor B), recently spoke at an International Game Developers Association Chicago event, getting into the fascinating details of mental health in the game industry. He digs into the difference between “normal” and “good,” some of the big issues facing game developers, solutions for coping with your own issues, and ideas for how to help others with theirs. If you’ve ever wondered how to ensure that someone will feel validated and heard when you ask them about their problems, make absolutely sure to catch the back half of the talk.

If you’ve read our crunch white paper, some of these points might seem familiar — but this talk includes all the great anecdotes, examples and illustrations that Doctor B. didn’t have room to share.

Plus, you’ll come out of it knowing exactly why you should never try to help someone by saying that “we’ve all got a little mental illness.” As it turns out, it’s not quite as compassionate as you might reasonably think.

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