G4G’s Undertale Charity Fanart Book Is Now on Kickstarter – And It Benefits Take This!

It’s finally here: the Gamers For Good (G4G) Undertale Charity Art Book is up on Kickstarter. With proceeds going to Take This, Anxiety Gaming and Child’s Play, you can support some great gaming nonprofits (including ours!) while enjoying a ludicrous amount of amazing fanart for one of last year’s best games.

According to G4G, the project has brought in more than 900 submissions from over 450 artists — Undertale clearly lives on in many hearts. G4G is also putting together stickers, t-shirts, wallpapers and a fan cover soundtrack, all of which you can get your hands on by backing the Kickstarter. I’m already hyped for this rest of this cover of Napstablook’s battle theme (though I can hardly condone battling Napstablook).

Gamers For Good is looking for $23,456 US to fund the production of the book. They’ve made a huge dent in that total in just the first day, so we can’t wait to find out where they end up with 28 days to go. Isn’t it wonderful to see what gamers, artists and fans can do when they come together for mental health?

[Gamers for Good Presents: Undertale Charity Fanart Book]
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