On World Mental Health Day, Let’s Show the World That None of Us Are Alone


Doctor B and his father reminding us we’re not alone.

Today — October 10th — is World Mental Health Day. One in four of us will be diagnosed with a mental illness in our lifetimes. Whether you know it or not, people in your life are already suffering from mental illness, yet many are so afraid of what people think that they don’t talk about it, let alone seek help. When people suffer in silence, their struggle is amplified. When they know they have support, they also have hope.

So let’s help each other find that hope.

Take This is teaming up with the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) to raise awareness about mental health for World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme from the World Federation for Mental Health is ‘Dignity in Mental Health-Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All,’ a theme that’s close to our hearts, given our mission to reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

Today we’re launching a social media campaign with VGVN, and we welcome everyone to participate. If you’re comfortable joining in, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a sign: “I AM ______________” In the blank space insert things like “Not Alone, A Friend, Social Anxiety, Depression, Support System, etc.”
  2. Take a selfie with your sign.
  3. Post to your social media channels
  4. Remember to include the following: “#IAmNotAlone #WorldMentalHealthDay @TakeThisOrg @VideoGameVoters”

If you need help getting started, you can download and print our sign and fill in your own blank.

Choosing to share your own mental health issues can be a powerful blow against stigma, and it’s a brave step to take. If you want to share your story, remember – you’re not alone.

But we know that disclosing your mental health issues publicly isn’t always an easy decision, and thanks to stigma, you may be concerned that it might impact your career or personal life. If you’re not comfortable but you still want to participate, you might want to consider writing that you’re a friend or family member, that you’re a support system, or that you’re someone who cares. By contributing, you’re showing the people around you that mental health matters to you, that you believe in people over stigma, and that you want to make a difference.

Even if we believe we’re not alone, seeing that there are people out there who support us can make all the difference.

To kick things off, some members of the Take This team have shared their own photos, and we’ll be continuing on our social channels. You can follow us on Twitter to see more of the wonderful people who are ready to remind us all that we’re not alone – today, or any other day.

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