‘Paper Planes’ Connect Us to the World


On a planet populated by over 7 billion people, it’s hard to be truly alone. Our struggles are our own, but we can connect with hundreds or thousands of people who understand what we’re going through, who feel the things we feel. To capture the beauty of that experience, Active Theory, Google and Droga5 have created Paper Planes.

Create a plane of your own by opening Paper Planes on your phone. Once you stamp a virtual piece of paper with your general location and fold it up, you can send it sailing off into the world — and watch it gather more stamps as it stops in other cities, other countries, and other continents. You can add your own mark to other planes, too, to be part of a global chain that connects us to each other.

You can also sit back, relax, and watch the planes fly by while listening to calming music if that’s more your speed. Just visit the Paper Planes website on a desktop brower, and be sure to bring your headphones.

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