These Friendship Postcards Make Awkward Moments a Little Easier

Ever have a moment when you want to say something nice to someone you care about, but you just… can’t? It’s too awkward, you don’t know how to broach the subject, the thought of getting on the phone terrifies you, or your anxiety kicks in before you can even begin? Jenn and Trin have come up with one great solution to that exact problem with their Friendship Postcards, which are currently up on Kickstarter.

Sometimes dealing with mental health issues leaves us a little short on energy for the people we care about. These postcards promise to include ways to explain why we haven’t been around or apologize for being a lousy friend or saying something unfortunate. They include ways to broach the idea of hanging out again in the lowest-pressure way possible (hey, if they’re not interested, they don’t have to acknowledge the postcard – easy). And if a friend is going through rough times and you want to make sure they know you care without putting extra demands on their time, there’s going to be a postcard for that, too.

Full disclosure: Jenn and Trin have volunteered for Take This. They also have an excellent podcast about friendship and mental health. Making life easier for people is kind of their thing, and it seems to be going pretty well! The Friendship Postcards Kickstarter is already more than 200% funded — and you have 15 more days to decide if postcards are going to be a big part of your friendship maintenance in the future.

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