Get the Most Out of Your Comfort Gaming With These Great Tips

Photo by Gabriela Camerotti (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Photo by Gabriela Camerotti (CC BY-NC 2.0)

I don’t know about you folks, but this has been A Month for me. I’m on top of it, though. There’s a long weekend coming, and I fully intend to spend at least a few hours of it parked on my sofa with a blanket, my 3DS and Pokemon Sun. I hadn’t planned anything much more sophisticated than that, but Remeshed is on it with this guide to preparing for comfort gaming.

After all, there’s no reason to waste a perfectly good day of relaxation like it’s a guilty habit. If a game is worth playing, it’s worth playing right.

As someone who has crossed the line from comfort gaming into “Ow, why did I do that?” more than once, allow me to offer a few suggestions. Nothing takes the shine off your self-indulgence like staggering out of your chair nine hours later wondering when the last time you blinked was.

Shower first. This may seem counter-intuitive. You’re settling in to play a game—you’re in your jammies, maybe yoga pants if you’re a really classy type. But showering first keeps that gross, grungy feeling from setting in. Bonus: your hair will have time to air-dry in exactly the shape you want it!

Snack up. Ideally, a variety of snacks is best. Something sweet, something salty, something fresh, something pizza. Don’t neglect that “something fresh” category! Slice an apple and stick it on a plate with peanut butter or grab a bowl of baby carrots and hummus. Again, this will help you keep from feeling gross (this time on the inside!) when you’re done and allow you to plume yourself on your virtue (and ignore the empty bags of Swedish Fish and popcorn on the floor).

Don’t forget water! In addition to whatever your tipple of choice is, fill up your most optimistically large water bottle and place it at your elbow. Gaming hangovers are real (trust me), and the best way to avoid them is exactly the same way as you avoid an alcohol hangover: hydrate.

There are more great tips over at Remeshed, so check out the full article. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself when you need one, and these tips can help keep it from feeling like you’ve made a huge mistake at the end of the day.

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