Take a Deep Breath for November’s Habitica Challenge


For last month’s Habitica challenge, we asked you to push yourself to spend a little more time interacting with others. If that left you a little bit overwhelmed, good news: this month’s challenge is all about finding your calm.

Keep Calm and Carry On tasks us to learn a better way to breathe and manage our emotions.

November can be a hectic month for many of us, especially as the holidays approach. With so many stressors, it’s important to have techniques that we can use to keep our stress and our anger in check. This Challenge helps teach you deep-breathing techniques so you can keep calm and carry on.

It introduces one new daily: Practice deep breathing from the diaphragm for 20 minutes in the morning or before going to sleep. If you’re not familiar with diaphragmatic breathing, it is a commonly-recommended technique for relaxation as well as managing stress, anger or anxiety. Here’s a basic tutorial, but there are many guides, videos and even apps to help you familiarize yourself with the practice.

Once you get the hang of deep breathing, you can start in on this month’s new habit: Use your breathing to diffuse your anger. You don’t need to get down on the ground (that might diffuse a conflict, but it’s not really a practical solution) — just practice breathing from the belly instead of high up in your chest when you start to get angry or tense and see how it affects your emotions.

If you participated in last month’s Take This Challenge on Habitica, you should have another piece of the Take This armor set waiting in your rewards menu. To sign up for this month’s challenge, use this link in a web browser, or visit the Social > Challenges menu to find the Keep Calm and Carry On! Official Take This Challenge.

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