We’re Streaming With Friends Today – Come Join Us!

Our holiday stream gets into full swing today, so be sure to come watch! Our co-founder, Russ Pitts, has promised to join us on stream today. Will he be playing the eternally-charming Chibi-Robo!? Tune in to find out.

We also have ElisaRockDoc joining us from 2 p.m. PST onward to play through Borderlands 2, and The Mana Pool is up at 3 p.m. PST to play a variety of games well into the evening. Thanks, you two! There are more streams coming, so come by any time. You can find a list of participants on our campaign page (click them under ‘Who’s Fundraising For This Campaign’ to watch), and we’ll be hosting on our Twitch channel, too.

Want to help us raise funds? There are a few ways to help out:

Stream with us! This year’s stream is easier than ever. There’s no need to worry about scheduling, just pick a time, visit our Tiltify campaign page and click “Campaign For Us” to sign up. We’ve put together some instructions, but it’s pretty straightforward. Once you’re set up, all you need to do is let your friends or followers know and stream something at the appointed time! Make sure to tag @TakeThisOrg so we can share the details! You can also use #StreamTogether to talk about streams for the campaign.

Watch the streams! We’ll be showing streams on our own Twitch page and sharing news of other streams on Twitter.

Spread the word! If you can share this post, share the link to our Tiltify campaign page, or RT updates from us and participating streamers on Twitter, we’d truly appreciate it.

Donate! If you want to support the Take This mission and programs like the AFK Room, donations are always appreciated — and every little bit goes a long way toward helping folks in the gaming community who are coping with mental health issues. To donate during this fundraiser, just visit the It’s Dangerous to Stream Alone campaign page and click Donate Now.


Wondering what this is all about? Here’s the scoop. We’re so glad to have you join us while we #StreamTogether to close out a challenging year with some good times!

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