How Undertale Helped One Writer Reevaluate His Depression

Undertale has a well-earned reputation for tugging on heartstrings, but it did more than that for some. Over at The Game Bolt, Dylan Dzedzy explores how Undertale helped change his perspective on his own depression.

This game came at a formative moment in my life. I was depressed beyond comprehension and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After completing Undertale I took in its message of helping others and decided that I wanted to spend my time helping people overcome mental illnesses much like mine. So I geared my life towards reaching out to those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and trauma victims. Some days it comes easy. Either because the way in which I’m helping is hands off, like writing one of these articles. Or it’s because I’m simply having a good day and I’m using my sudden burst of energy for some good.

But most of the time, I’m inconsolably depressed. I have a hard time in day to day life. Every bit of my day is a struggle with suicidal ideation and severe apathy and lethargy. There’s never a moment where I’m not battling for my own mind. However, I find an unending source of confidence and hope when I help others. It’s what keeps me going. Undertale affirms this notion. That powering through tough times is worth the fight, and it takes quite a bit of hope for the world around us.

At times, the fights in Undertale seem hopeless. The hurdles you have to jump through can be tough. However, if you have even the slightest shred of hope left, you can still push through.

Dzedzy explores these ideas further in the full article, so check it out — but please be aware that it contains spoilers for Undertale.

[The Game Bolt]
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