This Let’s Play From Three Years Ago is Still Helping People

Content warning: NSFW language.

Game Grumps was still a fairly new channel when co-host Danny took 15 minutes of playtime to talk about his experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder. A lot of us with mental health issues have similar stories — he talks about struggling with difficult thoughts, realizing that what he was dealing with had a name and could be treated, and seeking treatment. If you do have a similar story, you might not think his is particularly profound.

But three years later, Danny’s story is still helping people.

In recent weeks, people have visited the video’s comments to thank Game Grumps for educating them about OCD, for helping them figure out what their intrusive thoughts were all about, for helping their friends, for saving their lives. Fans have shared the value of the video on other social networks, too.

And all this from a frank 15-minute chat with a friend three years ago.

Sharing your story can be powerful. Game Grumps is a platform that reaches a lot of people, but you never know what a difference opening up can make to someone who needs it. If you want to share your own story, we can help.

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