Shine Text Is Like a Personal Cheerleader on Your Phone

Recent affirmations from Shine Text

Not to overstate the benefits of affirmations, but sometimes you just need a boost. It can feel good to have a powerful mantra for the day, a cheerleader in your texts, or a simple reminder that you have goals and are capable of achieving them — there’s nothing wrong with that.

If no one in your life volunteers to take on the role of daily mood-booster, cheerleader and motivational speaker (that’s a big ask, after all), you may want to check out Shine Text. It’s a free service that sends users daily motivational content via SMS.

That content includes articles on topics like self-compassion, motivation and productivity. Some of it is aimed toward entrepreneurs and office workers, but a lot of it is generally applicable. Shine also sends out positive affirmations and quotes on cheery backgrounds, self-care reminders and other positive suggestions. If you find yourself craving more, you can ask for information on topics that it covers, like confidence and mindfulness.

Talking to CNN last year (when Shine Text was still aimed exclusively at women), its creators explained their inspiration for the service.

“We try to affirm you but also give you some actionable tips,” said Lidey, 26. “The biggest thing is helping people know they’re not experiencing things alone.”

She and cofounder Naomi Hirabayashi came up with the idea for Shine Text while discussing their own workplace insecurities. They talked about how they didn’t feel qualified for their successes and that it stemmed from false beliefs about themselves. They realized that it was a feeling many people shared.

Think of it as a cheery motivational bot. It does include self-care tips and some techniques taken from cognitive-behavioral therapy, but it definitely won’t replace a real therapist.

Currently, Shine Text is only available by SMS to people with American phone numbers. If you’re outside the U.S., you can still get a daily dose of cheer via Facebook Messenger. You can sign up on Shine’s website for either. If it turns out you hate it because, say, it’s simply too saccharine for your tastes, just text “QUIT” to 75985 and they promise to leave you alone.

[via Lifehacker]
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