Takume Is a Miniature Journey of Healing

There’s something magical about Takume. It’s a tiny game, less than ten minutes long if you’re thorough. In that time, it manages to tell a story about pain, identity, trauma and healing. It speaks of those things in general terms and allegory, so while it might stick with you, it doesn’t linger too long in uncomfortable places.

Waypoint has this to say about it:

There’s heart and weight to this tiny adventure. It speaks the language of fantasy: you play as a young lady in witchy robes, traveling a forest with weird talking creatures, spirits, and magical puzzles. But its story is grounded: about trauma, acceptance, even forgiveness.

Takume is available on itch.io for free, or for any price you want to pay. It was made by talecrafterLara Kaaa, James Dean, and Chris Early .

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