The Basics of Self-Care in Three Memorable Minutes

Some days, nothing seems to go right. On those days, even the basics of self-care might feel like a struggle — but of course, that’s also when they’re most important. Rather than waiting until those moments to find some way to help yourself, get ahead of the problem with a self-care checklist.

Everything’s Awful and I’m Not Okay,‘ is a popular checklist you may have seen passed around, and with good reason. It was created by Tumblr user Eponis Sinope, and it covers a lot of research-backed mood boosters. But if you’re the sort of person who will print out the list with great intentions only to forget it in a pinch (like me!), here’s some good news: last week, How to ADHD’s Jessica McCabe adapted the list for her channel. Her take on it is cute and memorable, so give it a watch or two to help it stick for the moments you need it.

If interactivity is more your speed, you might want to bookmark this interactive self-care guide by Jace Harr. If you prefer the structure that comes with keeping detailed records, University of Michigan has a daily self-care log that covers the important physical basics — sleep, food, medication and exercise.

What matters is finding something that works for you when you need it, whether that’s a video, journal, or even a bunch of sticky notes stuck to your monitor. That way, when you find yourself struggling, you won’t need to start the self-care process from scratch.

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