Love Our Psychomancer? Now You Can Get the Plushy

The Take This Psychomancer was first designed by Kay Fedewa for Habitica, but its popularity soon took it beyond the confines of the app. Your love convinced us to turn it into a pin, then another pin and now — at long last, and after many requests – a plush toy.

We’re hard at work with our partners at Symbiote Studios developing the Psychomancer Plushy. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but boy are its embryonic stages cute.

Here’s a sneak peek:

The Psychomancer is ready to watch over you.

Who wouldn’t want wings like that?

Yes, the Take This shield is cute — and look at that little footsie!

Want to have a snuggleable Psychomancer to watch over you or someone you love? It can be yours if you support our AFK Room program through Kickstarter. Just pledge at either the $60 AFK Healer tier for the plushy alone, or at the $200 Take Everything tier, which also includes both Psychomancer Pinny Arcade pins, a tote bag and a Take This sticker.

While we’d love to make the Psychomancer available to everyone who wants one, we simply don’t know if or when it will be available in the future. This is your best chance to take one home. And by supporting our campaign, you’ll be supporting the AFK Room program and helping to make sure there’s a safe, quiet space staffed with mental health clinicians at gaming events around the world — so no one has to feel alone in a crowd.

Get your Psychomancer here. We truly appreciate your support.

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