‘Please Knock On My Door’ Will Simulate One Man’s Experience of Depression

Last year, we got a glimpse of Please Knock on My Door, which looks like a compelling, personal take on living with depression. At GDC, Engadget had a hands-on look at the upcoming game and spoke to its creator, Michael Levall.

For creator Michael Levall, Please Knock on My Door isn’t just a story. It’s a way to express to friends, family and even strangers how depression has infiltrated his own life.

“Every single thing in the game that you get to go through or read through or whatever has some kind of connection to either a true experience that I’ve had, just copy-pasted into the game, or it’s based on an emotion that I’ve felt and I’ve extrapolated that and made a story out of it,” he says.

Because the game is so personal, players will need to understand more about the character — and possibly Levall — to progress. Each action you take will have an effect on the player character’s mental fortitude. That effect doesn’t come from a technical list of symptoms, it comes from Levall’s input and experience, so the results may not be exactly what the player expects. It’s a simulation of depression from one person’s perspective, not an attempt to model the mental health issue as a whole.

Please Knock On My Door doesn’t have a release date yet, but Levall expects it to arrive on Steam later this year.

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