This Illustrator is Creating an Alphabet of Mental Health Issues

Illustrator Sonaksha Iyengar is taking part in the 36 Days of Type project on Instagram this month, joining thousands of artists each bringing their own perspectives and styles to the letters of the alphabet. Iyengar has set herself an even greater challenge in the process: to communicate the struggle of coping with mental health issues.

Her #AtoZofMentalHealth looks at different mental health issues, symptoms, and reflections of stigma. A is for anxiety. B is for Bipolar Disorder.

She spoke to Mashable about the series, explaining her motivations for tackling such challenging topics.

Iyengar, who lives with various mental health conditions, has often hinted at stigma and awareness in her work. Through this series, however, she’s tackling mental illness head-on for the first time.

“Sometimes it can be hard to describe the chaos the brain feels — whether it is a bundle of emotions or a mental disorder,” she said. “I want everyone to know that they are not alone and that their struggle is acknowledged, whether it is someone who battles their mental health every day or a caregiver watching someone go through it.”


You can follow along with the full series on Instagram. Iyengar is most of the way through the alphabet already, but there are a few days to go before we see what topic she takes on for Z.

[A to Z of Mental Health via Mashable]
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