Celebrities Open Up for Mental Health Awareness Month

Photo by Gerald Geronimo (CC by SA 2.0)

For Mental Health Awareness Month, The Child Mind Institute asked 31 celebrities an important question: what would they tell their younger selves about their mental health issues and learning disorders?

Emma Stone kicked off the month with a compassionate one-sided conversation about her anxiety, which she’s spoken about publically before. In her video, she explains to her younger self both her anxiety gets better as she discovers how to manage it — and that it has helped her build some of the traits that allow her to live the vibrant, successful life she’s had in recent years.

Two other public figures have already opened up for the campaign. Actor Jesse Eisenberg spoke about his OCD, and California’s lieutenant governer, Gavin Newsom, spoke about dyslexia’s impact on his younger self. Stephen Fry, Lena Dunham, David Cross and many others are lined up to share their stories over the rest of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Together, they want to bring hope to the approximately 17 million American children coping with mental health issues and the stigma that goes along with it. By talking to their younger selves, they aim to make those kids feel less alone.

Have you ever considered what you’d tell your younger self about your own challenges? What might help them get through the toughest days you’ve gone through? Talking to your younger self is a powerful way to express self-compassion. The Child Mind Institute is asking people to share their own stories on social media with the hashtag #MyYoungerSelf, but it might be worth thinking about even if you don’t want to share.

[Speak Up For Kids]
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