‘Figment’ Will Let You Take a Walk Through the Mind

We don’t need to imagine the human brain — we know what that looks like — but the mind? As a more conceptual construct, it leaves a lot more room for interpretation. Figment, an upcoming title from Bedtime Digital Games, embraces that spirit of exploration to create a whole world that represents the many parts of the mind.

In an early blog post, the developers described the world of Figment. Here, they explain the design of one part of that world.

Lastly the team wanted to explore the impact of our day-to-day life on our subconscious. The idea is that parts of our subconscious change depending on daily events and our newest experiences. The mind will “absorb” and use recent images in thoughts and dreams.

Here is an anecdote, courtesy of Jonas, to give you a concrete example: some years ago, he played to a Pokemon game with some friends until late in the night, when he was supposed to get up really early the following day. Once he went to sleep, his entire night was full of nightmares in which Pokemon came and deactivated his alarm, forcing him to wake up (or dream of waking up) and check that everything was in order. You may not have had this kind of unpleasant night, but I’m sure you have similar anecdotes to tell.

The team decided to use this concept to describe the area closest to the upper mind, namely the pathway between the subconsciousness and the consciousness, which lies beyond the aforementioned gateway. This is a place that will separate the colorful and surreal world where dreams are made, with the upper part where all the impressions and experiences slowly trickle down.

In that subconscious world, Dusty, the mind’s former voice of courage, needs to discover why anxious new thoughts have begun to take over, spreading nightmarish creatures and fear throughout the mind’s realms. He explores, solves whimsical puzzles, and dips occasionally into dark places.

Figment’s release is planned for summer of this year. You can learn more at its Steam page or on Twitter.

[Figment via IndieGames.com]
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