‘Separation’ Will Offer Solitude in a World of Social Games

From Separation

Social games are wonderful, particularly when they help us connect — but sometimes, everyone needs a break from being social. One developer is questioning why VR devs are pushing so hard to build social games when the platform is perfect for healthy isolation.

Martin Wheeler of Recluse Industries spoke to GamesIndustry.biz about the studio’s upcoming game, Separation. He explained why he’s building Separation to offer a place of refuge from the busy, social world.

“From coming back from school as a kid, I’d go to games as a place of escape. Back in the days of the ZX Spectrum I would play Knight Lore or something like Ant Attack. It would take me away, and give me that sanctuary from the world. And I still like to do that; go into a space where I don’t feel I have to be sociable. I’m not saying all VR content should be like that, but in a way it’s quite nice to be able go to an isolated space, and feel like you’re the only person there.”

To Wheeler, the video game as a place of refuge is still attractive to many consumers, and VR brings a new potential to experiences for the lone escapist.

“That’s something increasingly hard to find in the modern world, especially as everything is so connected anyway,” Wheeler offers. “Life can feel too social these days, even when you’re on your own. So I think this might be something important. There might be a need for games that take you away from getting Facebook updates and having notifications pop up all over the place. That part of modern life can be offset by having a quiet place – a place to escape the social.”


Wheeler goes on to talk about how exactly Separation will achieve that, so continue on to the full article to learn more.

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