YouTube Stars Share the Benefits of Being Open About Mental Health

Streaming and creating videos about mental health takes a lot of courage. Opening yourself up to stigma by talking about your mental health issues, and doing it on camera in public? It’s scary stuff.

So why do it? At VidCon 2016, five popular YouTubers took part in the Everyone Struggles panel to talk mental health, and to talk about the surprising benefits of opening up to their audiences and the public at large. Kati Morton and Beckie Jane Brown, both of whom we’ve featured here in the past, joined Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell, Hannah Hart and Meghan Rienks.

One common theme? Opening up can help others, but it can also help you. Several of the panelists discussed how much their audiences helped them feel less alone.

The panelists also talk about their own journeys to get help. For a lot of them, it hasn’t been easy, but perseverance has paid off.

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