This Web Series About Mental Health in the Game Industry Will Become a Reality With Your Help

Mental health issues affect people in all parts of the video game industry, but stigma keeps so many of us quiet that it can seem like we’re each alone in our own struggles. CheckPoint, an Australian mental health non-profit, is fighting to change that with an upcoming web series about the creators and industry members you know and love, their stories of mental health issues, and the power of video games to help us all.

Like Take This, CheckPoint believes in the importance of showing all of us who struggle with mental health issues that we’re not alone, which is what this series is all about. Its Kickstarter is about to end, and it could use your help.

The sixteen episode series will be divided into two seasons. The first promises vital education about mental health issues, featuring interviews about the lived experiences of game developers, content creators, journalists and other industry members. You’ll see familiar faces like Josh Scherr of Naughty Dog, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, writer and video host Nika Harper, and Johnny Chiodini of Eurogamer. They’re just a few of the awesome folks who have stepped up to share their stories.

Season one also tackles another hugely important topic: mental health in the professional side of the industry. Developers and employees need mentally healthy environments to work in, and that’s still a major struggle in this industry. The CheckPoint series will highlight how to recognize common problems, engage employees, and represent mental illness better in our work.

The second season talks about using games for good, looking at representation, research, psychology and more.

CheckPoint has some amazing stretch goals planned. We could be treated to full podcasts of the developer interviews, international localization, more guests, and additional episodes on topics like ADHD and ASD.

Want to see that happen? Go check out the Kickstarter, and consider supporting it if you want to see mental health in gaming get the attention it deserves. After all, more of us fighting stigma and raise awareness about mental health issues in the game industry means a better, healthier industry for everyone.

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