Find Motivation to Finish Making Your Game With These Tips From the Developers of Owlboy

If you’ve ever worked on a large creative project, you might know what it’s like to struggle with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and all those other ways your brain tries to trick you into quitting.

The developers at D-Pad Studios probably went through all of that during Owlboy’s nine-year development cycle. Fortunately, they made it through, released a wonderful game, and reported back on what they learned. At GDC, D-Pad’s Simon Stafsnes Andersen spoke about the challenge of staying motivated for nine years. In this video from the talk, he shares several tips he and his team found useful — ones that may help you through a low point in your own game or creative endeavor.

Andersen also talks briefly about how depression made the experience more difficult. Not only does depression make motivation harder to find, it also makes the successes that would normally carry you through harder to enjoy. All the more reason to develop strategies to pull you through the lows — and consider talking to a professional, especially if depression gets in the way of your ability to work.

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