Extra Credits Explores Injustice 2’s Surprisingly Sensitive Portrayal of Trauma

Content warning: trauma and intimate partner violence; Injustice 2 spoilers.

The Extra Credits team has put together another fantastic video about mental health, this time exploring the sensitive portrayal of trauma and abuse in Injustice 2. Yes, the DC Comics fighting game brought to us by the makers of Mortal Kombat. That Injustice 2.

The team highlights a short segment during which Harley Quinn faces down her memories of the physical and emotional violence done to her by the Joker. It’s a remarkable scene, all the more so for being one of very few examples of a hero suffering trauma (though Quinn is often a villain in DC Comics properties, she’s left that life in the Injustice 2 continuity). Take a few minutes to watch the full video, as Extra Credits goes into detail about the successful portrayal of the effects of trauma, and also the value of this brief representation.

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