In ‘Indygo,’ Depression Restricts Our World to a Single Room

What do you do when you’re trapped in a single room in a video game? You escape, right?

But in Indygo, an upcoming game from Pigmentum Game Studio, a single room is your whole world. You play a painter who is trapped in isolation that’s been brought on by depression. He hasn’t left his studio in months. His girlfriend tries to help him as best she can. And you come in, to help make the decisions that will shape his future.

“All too often depression is not taken seriously or, on the other hand, becomes a stigma,” says Krystian Mucha from Pigmentum Game Studio. “We strive to give the players a deeper insight into the thoughts and actions of those, who are suffering from this mood disorder, which is why we consulted our game with mental health specialists and people who have gone through depression.”

Its creators describe Indygo as a narrative game that copes with the subject of depression. The room the painter lives in changes with the player’s decisions and with the painter’s state of mind, and players help control the narrative with their choices. Its creators hope this experience will help others understand what depression can be like. They hope to push back against stigma.

When the game releases on October 10, 2017 — World Mental Health Day — we’ll learn whether or not they succeed at those goals.

You can learn more about Indygo on Facebook and Steam.

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