This Upcoming Adventure Zone Fanzine Supports LGBT Clinicians and Therapists of Color

Source: Outcast, But Never Alone

If you’re a fan of the good good boys of The Adventure Zone, check out Outcast, But Never Alone. It’s an upcoming fanzine celebrating diversity in the Adventure Zone fandom, with proceeds going to mental health-related causes. If you’re an artist, the news is even better: submissions are open until Monday, July 17th.

For the uninitiated, The Adventure Zone is a semi-monthly Dungeons & Dragons podcast from the McElroy family. Brothers Griffin, Justin and Travis McElroy (also of My Brother, My Brother and Me) are joined by their father Clint on an epic fantasy adventure that mixes in elements of sci-fi, westerns, and space opera. It’s a rousing story with a lot of heart. You can listen to it for free on Maximum Fun.

Outcast, But Never Alone is collecting fanart of the show’s lgbt characters and characters of color — or fan interpretations that imagine characters as such — into a collection that will be published in PDF and softcover formats.

With the approval of the show’s cast, the creators are using the book to raise funds for two wonderful causes. The National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network seeks to increase the capacity of queer and transgender mental health providers of color by connecting, building and sharing resources so they can meet the unique emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of their community. LGBTCollege’s mission is to socially advance the LGBT population ideals of inclusion through education, celebration, and expression of all races and all cultures within the LGBT community.

If you’re interested in contributing to the fanart to the zine, make sure to fill out the application form before the July 17th deadline. Since the zine is specifically created to uplift marginalized voices in the Adventure Zone fandom, its organizers request that only nonwhite and/or LGBT artists apply. If you’d like to know when Outcast, But Never Alone is available for purchase, keep an eye on it via Tumblr .

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