Share Your Thoughts on the Psychological Benefits of Video Games

Dr. Jennifer Hazel and her team at Checkpoint are researching the psychological impact of video games, and they’re looking for input from people around the world. If you play games of any sort, you can participate.

Here’s why they’re studying this subject:

We believe that games would be a valuable therapy for all sorts of issues: they’re cheap (in comparison to traditional therapy and medication), they’re familiar to lots of people, and they’re very motivating – the idea of helping people to get better while having fun should not be overlooked. The way forward to see more therapeutic games get developed, and to help the ones that are already being made, is for more data to come about exploring the benefits we already know exist. So we’re looking at what games people play, how they play, and what their thoughts and feelings are while they’re playing.

While game research is becoming more common, it’s still not widely embraced. According to Dr. Hazel, it took 9 months for the study to be approved, largely because they needed that time to justify why games were a worthwhile subject to research.

Interested? It will take around 5 – 15 minutes to participate, and all the information you’ll need is at the link. This is the study’s last week, so make sure to head on over to complete your survey before the week is out.

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