Take This Recap: We Had an Amazing PAX West

You might have noticed from our AFK Room, Panels and merchandise, but Take This was all over PAX West this year. So much so that our clinical director Dr. B. has put together an awesome recap talking about what we did, who we helped, and who we love (spoilers: it’s all of you!).

When we go to events like PAX, we don’t go alone. We’re there thanks to the supporters of our crowdfunding campaigns and other donors. This year, we also had help from Tripwire Interactive, who sponsored the AFK Room, What’s Good Games, Xbox, Gamers for Good, Wyrmwood , the whole Penny Arcade team, our awesome panelists, our amazing volunteers, our lovely supporters and so many others. We couldn’t do it without such a great group of folks.

If you’d like to help bring Take This and the AFK Room to more events, we always welcome donations. Thanks so much for your support, everyone.

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