Feeling Those Post-Con Blues? You’re Not Alone

Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash

If you just got back from PAX Aus and you’re feeling a bit down, don’t worry — you’re far from alone. A lot of us come back from big events feeling off in ways that can’t be solely attributed to too much walking, too much junk food, and not nearly enough water or sleep.

Gizmodo Australia writer Rae Johnston feels the same, and she wanted to know why. She spoke with our very own Dr. B to learn more.

I’m not at PAX anymore, and I am sad.

I’m not at PAX for 362 days of the year, so what makes not being at PAX today a trigger for staring wistfully out the window, wishing it was a stage full of panelists talking about bad dating sims?

The answer to everything, of course, is science. And the answer to dealing with it? Also science.

Brain science.

I spoke to Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD (or “Dr B”) who is the Clinical Director of Take This to get to the facts.

That brief, temporary crash in mood and energy after an intense event like a con is real, Dr B says – and it’s pretty common.

Read on for more on con crash and how to cope with it.

You can also find a lot more in our guide, How to Handle Con Crash Like a Pro, also from Dr. B.

It’s amazing, the kind of resilience we can have if we know something is temporary. I know someone who has routine bouts of depression, and he always tells me, “Yeah, this sucks, but I’ve always gotten through it before. I’ll get through it again.” Post-adrenaline blues are generally a temporary thing, lasting a few days at most until we get back into the swing of things. Remind yourself of this.

If part of your crash is about inclusion, you can remind yourself that this feeling of loss is normal. The good news is that there are other cons waiting for you in the future! There are other places to feel included. You’ll feel it again.

You’ve got this — but give yourself a little time to recover. You’ve earned it!

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