Fox and the Whale Is a Beautiful Animated Short About Longing and Perseverance

Fox And The Whale from robin joseph on Vimeo.

If you have a few minutes to spare on something gentle but powerful today, take a gander at Fox and The Whale, an award-winning short from director Robin Joseph.

It tells a wordless story of a curious fox who longs to find a whale never seen, but heard. “The inspiration for ‘Fox and the Whale’ was the pursuit of curiosity. Not so much a primal curiosity behind food, shelter, or even play. It was more about the grey areas and often abstract pursuits. The drive of wanting to know what lies beyond the abyss,” says Joseph. “The ambitions at the fringes of it often seem one step beyond reach. The fact that we still try instills a sense of awe and wonder. At the other end is an idea of failure, or at least what is perceived as failure. The fortitude to move forward and keep searching in spite of it. It’s a fragile state of mind at times, but to me it holds such optimism.”

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