Take This AFK Room Powered by CheckPoint

Photo by Schezar (CC BY 2.0)

Take This is proud to be working with local Australian mental health and video game advocacy organization, CheckPoint, to bring the Take This AFK Room experience to PAX Aus.

Take This has long been a fan of the great work CheckPoint has done “Down Under”, starting with its founders’ work with Take This as the original local coordinators for our first PAX Aus AFK Room.

“After long, and careful consideration, we believe our PAX Aus guests are in good hands with CheckPoint,” says Russ Pitts, President and Chairman of Take This, “and we’re excited for the future of the Take This AFK Room at the show.”

Take This will be working closely with CheckPoint to ensure the guest experience is as peaceful and calming as at any other AFK Room, and our own Kate Edwards will be at the show! Be sure to say hi!

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