Experts Discuss the Psychology of Harassment in Video Games

At the Psychology of Games podcast, host Jamie Madigan talks to other psychology experts on all sorts of topics Take This supporters might find interesting. Recent episodes have explored topics likes morality, aggression and collections.

This week, Madigan dives into a headline grabbing topic: harassment — particularly sexual harassment — in games.

Given that this podcast is about the psychology of video games, we must eventually come to the question about what psychology can tell us about harassment in video games. What can various theories about social psychology tell us about under what conditions harassment is most likely to happen, what the consequences of harassment are for a community, and what game developers and other players can do to curb it. And what specifically have psychologists discovered about sexual harassment and similar misconduct in the context of video games? Is that something that people even study? Going further, could we keep our eyes open to other academic fields like communications, sociology, social psychology, or criminology to understand this phenomenon?

Madigan’s guest is Wai Yen Tang, Ph.D, an academic studying psychology, communication, and video games, especially as related to aggression, helping, and harassment in gaming communities.

They get quite deep into the topic, exploring disinhibition, social identity, and a lot more. So settle in for a good listen.

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