Let Tanya X Short Teach You How to Make Games and Meet Deadlines Without Burning Out

Every year, indie developers get together to close out GDC by sharing their hard-earned expertise. The talks are always fantastic, and this year is no exception. Ta

You can watch all ten talks in the video above, but let us draw your attention to one in particular: Tanya X. Short’s talk on meeting hard deadlines without burning out. Short is co-founder of Kitfox Games (Moon Hunters, The Shrouded Isle, Shattered Planet). She’s also responsible for creating an industry-wide pledge to avoid crunch.

Burnout is the exhausted bitterness where your passion and your excitement used to be.

Short knows that self-care is difficult when you have an intense deadline to meet, so she uses her five minutes to build a convincing argument for putting our own well-being first. With that sorted out, she also offers practical recommendations for saving ourselves from burnout.

Even if you’re convinced that you’re the rare individual who can crunch safely and productively, you won’t want to skip this talk.

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