Don’t Miss This Panel on Mental Health in Tabletop RPGs

Content note: Strong language.

We recently brought you our panel from TwitchCon, which addressed building supportive communities for mental health while streaming. Here’s another TwitchCon panel you won’t want to miss out on: Mental Health and Tabletop Role-Playing Games.

Moderator KelsaDelphi brought together panelists Kent Sheely, Tristarae, Adam Koebel and Andrew Gillis to talk about how mental health impacts playing and GMing tabletop roleplaying games, how streaming roleplaying games changes the experience, and how games can be designed to frame mental health issues in a better way than, say, the Call of Cthulhu model of madness.

The five of them offer very valuable insights. None of them are mental health professionals, but they all have expertise as GMs, designers and players, and their experiences are very relatable.

Take this quote from Tristarae:

“The regular routine scheduled social activity is good, again for the anxiety. And also for my depression, because I have that thing where if you ask me ‘Do I want to do X,’ the answer is always no, but once I start doing it, I realize I’m having fun. So having that commitment to make every week helps me get out of that funk.”

So set aside an hour to listen in on this great conversation — and then go forward and make your own tabletop roleplaying experiences.

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