Mayim Bialik Preaches the Benefits of Family D&D Night

Mayim Bialik is an actress and neuroscientist, best known for her role as Dr. Amy Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. For her YouTube series/lifestyle website GrokNation, she recently shared her experiences with a topic we’re fond of here at Take This: D&D as therapy.

Bialik isn’t wearing her neuroscientific hat for this subject. She doesn’t get into therapeutic and social skills groups offered by clinicians like Dr. B. Instead, she focuses on her experience as a mother playing with her family. Tabletop RPGs can be great tools for teaching social skills, and as Bailik points out, they’re can also be great tools for strengthening social bonds between people. In life, you rarely get the chance to hunt down a dragon or save a kingdom together. Games give us those opportunities, and let us discover how we can support one another in the process.

Bailik also briefly explains some of the history and format of tabletop RPGs, so if you’re already familiar you may want to skip to 2:10.

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