Why Frustration is so Compelling in ‘Getting Over It’

When you’re playing a game, you probably don’t set out to be frustrated. Frustration is a feeling we associate with bad game design, with unfair competitions, with controllers thrown at walls.

Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy is a game fully intended to inspire frustration, but people still play it. People still play it even when they aren’t streamers showing off their frustration for laughs. So why, if we hate frustration, do we keep trying to climb back up that mountain? Because it’s there?

Errant Signal explores the answers to that question in this recent episode. If you’re still working your way up the mountain and don’t want to see anything that’s yet to come, be warned: there may be a few spoilers ahead. But there’s also a great discussion about the value of frustration, and the reasons we should be more willing to give B-Games a chance.

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