Happy people are more productive.

Approximately 12% more productive, in fact.

If we could parachute into your game studio and tell you how to make your technology 12% faster, would you listen?

Your game runs on technology, but your game company runs on brains. And we can help you make your brains 12% more productive.

Listening now?


Underground Consulting is a first-of-its kind program developed specifically to address mental health challenges in the game development space, and was developed based on input from over 100 mental health care clinicians, PhDs, game developers, and scientists.

In our advocacy work, Take This has found that a lot of company leaders and personnel managers may have awareness and sensitivity to mental health care needs, but no concrete tools or guidelines with which to address them. And our research has shown that many mental health care issues can masquerade as typical work, or overwork stress.

Underground Consulting, developed in partnership with management consultants, studio leaders, and the psychological and technical communities, marries our industry leading research on mental health care issues with proven leadership strategies. Our goal is to help make games teams stronger, more resilient to mental health stressors, and more capable of addressing specific needs of individual workers.


<em><small>Photo by Mikal Marquez (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)</small></em>

For more information about Underground Consulting, please contact Take This President, Russ Pitts: Russ@takethis.org

Take This was founded in 2012 in response to the loss of many friends to depression. Our goal was to help people who deal with mental health issues understand they are not alone, and to spread awareness of mental health issues in the larger community. Since 2012, Take This has partnered with organizations like PAX, IGN, Bethesda, the ESA, Amazon, the GDC, and a variety of game studios and media outlets with our various programs aimed at mental health care and awareness, and convention support.