Ambassador Program

Take This® Streaming Ambassadors are official representatives for Take This in the streaming community. They actively fight stigma against mental health challenges and promote mental health inclusivity in their streams. Take This Streaming Ambassadors actively work to create an environment of acceptance and kindness for those suffering from emotional or mental health challenges, whether or not they rise to the level of psychiatric diagnosis. They actively create positive, supportive communities, and they work to support the efforts and mission of Take This through fundraising efforts.

When you see an official Take This Streaming Ambassador's channel, you will know what to expect from that streamer and their community. Take This Streaming Ambassadors go above and beyond to exemplify the following aspirational principles:

Hope – Hope is healing! Take This Streaming Ambassadors let others know that things can improve, and that there are resources available. They help others celebrate their successes – even if the successes seem small.

Acceptance – It’s okay to not be okay, and Take This Streaming Ambassadors accept people’s emotions and physical health as they are. They do not shame others for the pain they feel.

Kindness – Reaching out to others is hard. It risks rejection. Take This Streaming Ambassadors treat those they encounter with compassion and kindness, even if they cannot directly intervene in the other person’s life.

Self-care – Physically and emotionally, we can only give what we have. Giving to others at the expense of one’s self can be just as personally harmful as never helping others. Take This Streaming Ambassadors exemplify the balance between appropriate selflessness and selfishness. They seek out their own help when needed and give help when they can, within the bounds of what's reasonably appropriate to the situation and their own expertise.

Effort - Streaming ambassadors show an active interest in promoting and advancing evidence-based understanding of mental health, as well as the mission of Take This. They actively attempt to promote all the above principles in their streams and in their communities.

Applications for the 2018 Take This Streaming Ambassador program are currently being accepted until July 25th, 2018. To apply, please click here.

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2018 Take This Streaming Ambassadors

amytfalcone  @AmyTFalcone
cypheroftyr   @cypheroftyr
Dayebraham_Lincoln  @DayeanneHutton
Mxiety   @mxiety
nihontiger   @NihonTigerLP
NotSoSpeedRuns   @NotSoSpeedRuns
officialSDGC   @mistermegative 
RandomTuesday   @RandomTuesday
sammmtastic   @sammmtastic
SlyTQ   @SlyTQ
stickingpoints   @Sticking_Points

Take This Ambassador Streaming Calendar

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